Istanbul after coup attempt

For the moment they celebrate ... hope they will still celebrate in future, that one day democracy will win ... without arms. But from all I hear and see this will not come in near future. A sad story ... they deserve better than a corrupt despot

Later in August "the president" calls for a huge demonstration in yenikapi.

For the "democracy and martyrs meeting"

With trees hiding some essential details you also could read something else.

One can feel a certain "déjà vu":

Daily News from August, 8th, 2016

Daily News from August, 8th, 2016

People joint the meeting by many ways. Many came down the bosporus on umpteen boots decorated with hundreds of flags and photos of  "the democratic president" and the killed martyrs. Some boats were big ferry boats ....


others smaller:


aftercoupattemptsans-titre-02031     aftercoupattemptsans-titre-02041


But anyhow not everybody felt concerned about the event:

aftercoupattemptsans-titre-02082     aftercoupattemptsans-titre-02077